Infektionskrankheiten: Prävention und Kontrolle


Antiviral medications are a class of treatment utilized particularly to treat viral contaminations as opposed to bacterial ones. Most antivirals are utilized for particular viral contaminations, while an expansive range antiviral is compelling against an extensive variety of infections. Not at all like most anti-microbials, antiviral medications do not obliterate their objective pathogen, rather they repress their advancement. Antiviral medications are one class of antimicrobials, a bigger gathering which additionally incorporates anti-microbial (likewise named antibacterial), antifungal and antiparasitic medications, or antiviral medications in light of monoclonal antibodies. Most antivirals are considered generally safe to the host, and along these lines can be utilized to treat diseases. They ought to be recognized from viricides, which are not pharmaceutical but rather deactivate or decimate infection particles, either inside or outside the body. Common antivirals are delivered by a few plants, for example, eucalyptus.